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After many years of providing outstanding service to their loyal customers, Superior Fiberglass has decided to close their doors and retire. While this is certainly a change, American Steeples & Baptistries is looking forward to having the opportunity to serve clients that previously used the wonderful services that Superior Fiberglass offered. We are thrilled to offer many of the same services, as we have acquired most of their steeple molds, along with other key assets.

American Steeples & Baptistries is a longstanding company with a reputation for offering a wide selection of high quality manufactured church steeples, baptistries, cupolas, and crosses. Our products are ready-made or created custom by request and boast superior quality, ensuring that you have a product with a long lifespan. Learn more by browsing our website or contact us at 866-445-4481.



American Steeples and Baptistries

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